My Remakes (iTunes ready, includes entire soundtrack, extra songs, and cover art)
[.mp3] 60MB

My Remakes (AlephOne ready, To install: Replace M1A1's "Tracks" folder with the "Tracks" folder included here)
[.mp3] 48MB


Original Marathon Soundtrack in QuickTime 2.0 [all files courtesy of]

[.m4a] 128MB (iTunes ready with cover artwork)
[.mp3] 30MB (AlephOne ready)

[.wav] 116MB
[.sit] (not for iTunes)

Post-QuickTime 2.0 Marathon Soundtrack (circ. 1998)
[what the music sounded like after Quicktime 2.0]
[.mp3] 37MB


Other Community Remakes

*Nick Singer [zip] 9MB
(High-quality songs that blend together the Marathon and Halo music; Nick's website)

*Tobacco [zip] 23MB
(Updated MIDI instruments as well as creative interpretations; retains the original retro feel while adding a new spin)

*Chibi-usa [zip] 47MB
(The original Marathon soundtrack with updated and higher-quality MIDI instruments)

*Cannibal Whore Feast [zip] 15MB
(New MIDI instruments)

*Homocidal Ham [zip] 34MB
(New instruments and interpretations)

*CubicCircle [zip] 14MB
(Selected remakes from the Marathon:Freedom fan scenario)

*Trellama - Hunter Holiday [mp3]

*Marathon Groove Sessions: I (Lh'own album) [zip], II (Volunteers album) [zip]

*Marathon 2: Special Edition Tracks [zip] 78MB
(Compilation of fan created music for the Aleph One Special Edition version of M2: Durandal)

*Marathon: Resurrection [link to] (In addition to the music remakes, you can download Marathon: Resurrection, fan art and other awesome Marathon content)

*YouTube remixes: by Warriorofhyrule [Splash], by Matecha [Splash], by Snosh [:)]
Listen to the Remakes:

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